Voice over for OSX Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by Yuankun Li on 2019-01-21


Task Command
VO Control 键 + Option 键
turn VoiceOver on or off Command-F5 or Fn-Command-F5
or hold Command and triple-press Touch ID on supported models1
教程 VO-Command-F8
Keyboard Help VO-K
Activate Link Enter
Activate button Enter or Space Bar
Read next/previous item VO + Right/Left Arrow
Go to next heading VO + Command + H
Go to next table VO + command + T
Go to previous (heading, table, etc.) VO + Command + [H, T, etc.]
Interact with (go into/out of) objects(like iframes, menus, application regions, etc.) VO + Shift + Down/Up Arrows
Dock VO-D To move between icons in the Dock, press VO-Left Arrow or VO-Right Arrow
mac menu bar VO-M navigate to the status menus, press VO-M-M.
Lock (or unlock) VO keys VO +
Adjust the Voice
VO-Command-Shift-Right Arrow several times start setting
VO-Command-Shift-Up/Down Arrow increase/decrease the setting’s value


Task Command
Go to next/previous focusable item Tab / Shift + Tab (link, button, input, etc.)
Move to the next control when a text field is selected Control-Tab
Move the focus to the previous grouping of controls Control-Shift-Tab
Move to the adjacent item in a list, tab group, or menu;Move sliders and adjusters (Up Arrow to increase values, Down Arrow to decrease values) Arrow keys
move the VoiceOver cursor VO-Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow
Move to a control adjacent to the text field Control–Arrow keys
Click the default button or perform the default action Return or Enter
Click the Cancel button or close a menu without choosing an item Esc
Navigate Webpages VO + U Open rotor (see explanation below)
auto web spot VO-Command-N / VO-Command-Shift-N To jump to the next or previous auto web spot
VO-Right/Left Arrow To move to the item before or after an auto web spot
select controls VO-Space interact with checkboxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus, and other onscreen controls
start/stop Interact with Elements VO-Shift-Down/Up Arrow
Next link VO + command + L
Next visited link VO + command + V
Next form control VO + command + J
Next list VO + command + X
Next graphic VO + command + G
Move the focus to the previous panel Control-Shift-F6
Move to the status menu in the menu bar Control-F8
Activate the next open window in the front app Command-Accent (`)
Activate the previous open window in the front app Shift-Command-Accent (`)
Move the focus to the window drawer Option-Command-Accent (`)

Data Tables

Task Command
Go to next table VO + command + T
Read column header VO + C
Read row header VO + R /row from VO cursor location to end of row
read a table column VO-C-C
read a row VO-R-R
Read column from VO cursor location to bottom of column VO + R + C
Navigate table cells O + Arrow Keys (cdd13b4aaa32b8cfc4863a60d3882054.png or fd5faf1d96d8e526b6097b376d46b409.png or ab12b66bf3cd78a3e111fda1cef5e9fb.png or 3cf03e7a94843864c6ed88c74c8247a1.png )


Task Command
Start reading VO + A
Stop reading Control
Read next item VO + Right Arrow
Read previous item VO + Left Arrow
Read paragraph VO + P
Read sentence VO + S
Read word (press W multiple times to spell words alphabetically and phonetically) VO + W
Read from top to current location VO + B
Jump to top of page (on desktop keyboard) VO + Home
Jump to top of page (on laptop keyboards) VO + fn + Left Arrow
Jump to bottom of page (on desktop keyboard) VO + End
Jump to bottom of page (on laptop keyboards) VO + fn + Right Arrow
Select speech setting option (speaking rate, voice, pitch, etc.) VO + command + Right Arrow / Left Arrow
Modify the selected speech setting VO + command + Up Arrow / Down Arrow

Multi-Touch Trackpad

Task Command
enable/disable the Trackpad Commander VO + rotate two fingers clockwise/counter clockwise on the trackpad
move to the next or previous item flick right or left
start or stop interacting with the current item flick two fingers right or left
select the current item double tap

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