cryptic abbreviations of Github comments

Github 常用的迷之缩写

Posted by Yuankun Li on 2019-08-08

我们Github code review 的时候第一次遇到这些缩写时,一脸懵逼,一无所知脸的偷偷去搜搜是什么意思?

  • PR: Pull Request. 拉取请求,给其他项目提交代码
  • LGTM: Looks Good To Me. 朕知道了 代码已review,可以合并
  • SGTM: Sounds Good To Me. 和上面那句意思差不多,也是已经通过了 review 的意思
  • ACK — acknowledgement, i.e. agreed/accepted change 同意/接受改动
  • NACK/NAK —negative acknowledgement, i.e. disagree with change and/or concept 不同意/接受改动
  • RFC — request for comments, i.e. I think this is a good idea, lets discuss 我觉得不错,你怎么看?
  • AFAIK/AFAICT — as far as I know / can tell 据我所知
  • IIRC — if I recall correctly 如果我recall的正确的话
  • IANAL — “I am not a lawyer”, but I smell licensing issues
  • WIP: Work In Progress, do not merge yet. 传说中提 PR 的最佳实践是,如果你有个改动很大的 PR,可以在写了一部分的情况下先提交,但是在标题里写上 WIP,以告诉项目维护者这个功能还未完成,方便维护者提前 review 部分提交的代码。
  • PTAL: Please Take A Look. 你来瞅瞅?用来提示别人来看一下
  • TBR: To Be Reviewed. 提示维护者进行 review
  • TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read. 太长懒得看。也有很多文档在做简略描述之前会写这么一句
  • TBD: To Be Done(or Defined/Discussed/Decided/Determined). 根据语境不同意义有所区别,但一般都是还没搞定的意思
  • NIT: Sometimes the reviewer will prefix his comments with “Nit:”. This means that he’s just “nitpicking” – you don’t have to fix these points, but we’d like you to. 指"吹毛求疵", 小问题(small or unimportant errors or faults),不强制要求修改,但建议修改。


  • Concept ACK — agree with the concept, but haven’t reviewed the changes 理论上同意,但我还没review过。。。
  • utACK (aka. Untested ACK) — agree with the changes and reviewed them, but didn’t test review过并同意改动,但我没测过~~~
  • Tested ACK — agree with the changes, reviewed and tested 同意改动,我也review过并测过了

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