Enable the dev tools in the Microsoft Teams desktop client

Posted by Yuankun Li on 2024-02-27

Enable Dev Mode 打开Microsoft Teams desktop的开发模式

微软官方文档DevTools for Microsoft Teams tabs


1 Click Teams tray icon 7 times. (快速左键点击7次 Teams app在Mac Dock上的图标)
Mac Dock上的Teams app图标

2 在最上方的menu bar菜单栏里面,会多一项"Development".

Enable Dev Mode前:
Development disable
Enable Dev Mode后:
Development enable

  • “Devopment”
    • Toggle DevTools (Option + Command + I)


  • Open Show hidden items to see the Teams tray icon
  • Click Teams tray icon 7 times. (Normal left click)
  • Now right click the Teams icon and you’ll see all Dev options.

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